Is God Technically a Chef?


Food today can be very exhausting. Either we have to constantly  read and decipher complex  labels filled with chemicals we can barely pronounce or, we have to navigate a world dominated by addicting greasy, salty, and sweet foods.

And I just can’t help but think about how God never intended for food to be this way. He designed food to be a simple, delicious and interesting way to fuel our physical bodies and greasy foods were certainly not part of his intended reality.

Just think of the Garden of Eden. Our God took time to craft all the green herbs, all the fruit bearing seeds, making them full of aroma and flavor. He did all of this with the mere words of his mouth so that they could be food for you and I. Can you even imagine how he considered all the flavors of all the different spices, herbs, nuts, and fruits? He wanted us to have variety in our diet, and to experience the complex flavors of food in their simplest state.

I am so glad that he did not want food to be an unpleasant or boring process for us. Thankfully, our God is the God of creativity and He is not shy in the kitchen. 

Imagine just for a second that you were a chef and you  created one of the most complex and delicious dinner menus to ever exist then after you created your menu, you decided to hand craft a living organism specifically designed to take pleasure in that menu.

 There is no doubt that you would design your creation to have taste buds specifically curated to pick up all the  different attributes of the foods that you made. 

God did just that. He made a vast array of plants, some that were  salty like seaweed, some bitter , some sweet, some sour, some savory. Then on  the 6th day of creation, he made man,  giving us taste buds on each section of our tongue, that when paired with our sense of smell, would allow us to experience these complex flavor profiles.

Unfortunately today, we dominate our  taste buds with  sweet and salty flavors and we get away from experiencing the beautiful complex variety of  taste that certain fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds can provide us when consumed in tandem. 

Some of us have never experienced the beauty of pairing the delicate citrusy flavor of cilantro, with the bitterness of endive, and  the savory tones of pumpkin seeds and green onions (a favorite salad of mine) and that is something you do not want to miss out on!

Whoever you are reading this, I challenge you to try to enjoy food in it's most natural state and give each of your taste buds a chance by taking time to experiment with some of the bare aromatic flavors that God has put all around us.

We are primed to gravitate towards overly salty, overly sweet, and greasy foods like savory meats, but try to let some other flavors come through by adding in more variety from vegetables and herbs!

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Much Love!

Written by
Ciara Dove-Reid, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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