Food as Spiritual Warfare

Food as Spiritual Warfare

Yesterday, as I was reading scriptures, the Lord had this verse catch my eye: 

Proverbs 25:28:

“He that hath no rule over his spirit is like a city broken down without walls”.

This verse reminds us that our spirit should be keeping guard over our physical temple. When the spirit is distracted and undisciplined,  our security system is compromised, and anything can get through the physical temple, and assassinate the spirit. 

Just imagine that you are an assassin hired to take out a "spirit man",  but you saw that this man was protected by a “temple” of some sort. You might wonder, hmm, what are the points of entry to the temple that would allow you to directly access the spirit? 

You might look at this “temple” and say, well this temple has two ears, two eyes,  a mouth, and...let’s just say some other openings also! You would then immediately conjure up various ways that you could discretely enter through these “openings '' to wound the spirit man unnoticed.

Weakening the spirit through the ears:

Perhaps you as the enemy are very familiar with how easily music can go through the ears and affect the spirit. In fact, let’s say that music has always been your weapon of choice (*cough lucifer), and you knew very well the spiritual powers that music held. You would definitely use that as part of your master plan.

A spirit man that has no guard over his ears would allow this to happen willingly, leaving himself open to be seduced by the music, brought to sadness by the music, or brought to rage by the music. This warfare could be done daily, distracting the spirit, allowing him to become weaker and weaker. You as the enemy would then see just how little discernment your victim has, and just how open and vulnerable he really is.

Weakening the spirit through the eyes:

Then maybe you would ponder greatly how you could enter the eyes of the city to weaken the spirit man. You, as the enemy, would study the vulnerabilities of these “eye gates” and quickly realize that lust, envy, witchcraft, and wrath are particularly effective weapons. So you begin to execute how you can send these mediums of warfare through the eyes to affect the inner man. Ah ha! Television and phones are perfect.

You would constantly send videos and pictures from social media through the eyes. Pictures that are full of people who are more successful, richer, more attractive, bringing the spirit man to envy.

You would then send violence and wrath through the eyes in the form of war scenes in movies, shows, and games. You would even make sure that these same shows and games constantly showed scenes of witches performing witchcraft by making spells, summoning ghosts, looking into crystal balls, and so on. And you won’t stop there. You will use these same mediums to show intimate relationships between two humans, allowing you to send lust through the eye gates. And it just so happens that lust is is a key that allows you to access other openings as well.

But wait! You are not done. Even after all of these assaults, you may find that the spirit is still standing.

Food as the ultimate weapon:

So lastly, what better thing to do, than to entice the inner man with aromas of savory, sweet, and harmful foods, that are pleasing to the eyes, pleasing to the taste buds, pleasing to the nose, but really they are disguised toxins that can destroy both him and the entire physical building.

The spirit man that is already weak, would constantly allow these delicious foods and drinks rich in chemicals and addictive compounds to enter the building; feasting on them without thought, giving himself over to great surfeiting (Luke 21:34). Lack of control over alcohol, sugar, drugs, and other addictive compounds would soon follow, weakening the willpower of the inner man.

Gradually, the spirit man would notice that he can't think properly or sleep properly, and not only that, the walls of his physical building are falling apart all around him.  He is no longer able to defend his temple.

After all, the scripture indicates that a healthy body is needed for a healthy soul.

1 John 3:12 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 

You as the enemy would then laugh at how you have effectively weakened both the protector of the city, and the city itself, and then you would finally take out the spirit man with one final blow. Job well done, enemy!

In real life,  certain things that go through your mouth can effectively harm the mind while also directly weakening the physical body. It is a perfect long-term strategy for the enemy. The literal icing on the cake, if you will.

Protect all of the Gates to Your Temple:

In the end, all of these forms of warfare, no matter the order, are designed to work together with the end goal of making your spirit weak and drawing you away from God, which is the true source of power for the spirit-man, to begin with.

I hope this read reminds you that the enemy can use our “points of entry” to execute a massive war of destruction on your inner spirit man, who should be steadily governing these points of entry without ceasing.

Luckily, we are told how we can effectively stand guard. The Bible teaches us to abstain from all forms of evil, separate ourselves from the things of this world, and fight in the spiritual realm with prayer, fasting and reading God’s word.

Do you have “rule over your spirit” or “are you a city broken down without walls”?

Written by
Ciara Dove-Reid, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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